Your community – its people, businesses, and organizations – increasingly understand we all need to act now to ensure a sustainable future. Tackling climate change together unites us and can bring once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunities in green construction, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.


Conduct a Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Tackling climate change requires a detailed picture of your community’s current greenhouse gas emissions and how they are distributed across residential, commercial, transportation, and other sectors of your community’s economic life. REGENALL uses data, models, and expert insight to help you quantify your community’s current set of greenhouse gas emissions and target key areas and timelines for reduction.


Draft a Climate Action Plan

Climate change is a daunting problem, but the good news is that there is no shortage of solutions we can implement today to start drawing down greenhouse gas emissions towards zero. We can help you identify dozens of practices, technologies, and policies that address your community’s mix of resources and challenges. We can also draw on data, models, and experience to estimate the timelines, reductions, costs, and economic returns of each strategy and help map out an effective strategy moving forward.


Build Stakeholder Support

Climate action plans aren’t worth much without the support and committed action of your community members. We can work with you to build stakeholder support through appreciative inquiry and develop strategies for sustained community engagement. We can help you work through your climate action plan sector by sector to prioritize the strategies that draw on the collective wisdom of local citizens, community leaders, as well as regional and national experts.


Set Up Climate Action Dashboards

To reach your climate action goals, your community will need to monitor progress on greenhouse gas emissions, economic development, and public engagement. We can help you maintain datasets for monitoring progress and develop communication tools to share progress with your community.


Launch a Local Greenhouse Gas Offset Marketplace

In the mid-term, it’s clear that climate action can bring significant economic returns to many communities. In the short-term, you’ll need creative financing to jumpstart investment in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and land stewardship. We can help your community set up GHG marketplaces where businesses and households can “offset” their greenhouse gas emissions by voluntarily investing in investment funds for businesses, homeowners, institutions, and farmers. Compared to national or international offset schemes, local marketplaces have much lower administration and verification costs, meaning that more offset dollars go directly to climate action in your community.