Eric Sauder

Founder, Executive Director

Eric is a social innovator focused on climate change with a background in engineering, sustainability, and design. He graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Architectural Engineering. For the past five years, Eric has worked alongside farmers and natural resource professionals to create new programs and support for farmers to sequester carbon, generate ecosystem services, and create resilient agricultural economies. Motivated by the opportunity for a more regional climate response, Eric founded RegenAll to catalyze regeneration across rural and urban communities.

Joyce Burkholder brings 40 years of management experience in product design and development, international fair trade, merchandising, sales and organizational development. As part of the leadership team at Ten Thousand Villages from 1990-2010, she participated in rebranding and building the organization as a leader in the Fair Trade Movement selling artisan made products in 75 stores in the US. As an entrepreneur and innovative thinker seeking to serve humanity, she joined the Fire Drill Friday movement in 2019 and is now passionately devoted to addressing climate change. As a founding member of RegenAll, Inc, she believes all climate concerned citizens must join together to amplify and expand engagement in this critical work. Her deep commitment resides in her passionate belief that our planet and future generations are depending on us.

Joyce Burkholder

Administrator, Community Outreach Coordinator

Franklin Egan

Chief Climate Strategist

Franklin has nearly 20 years of experience in sustainability research, education, and policy, including work with Penn State University, the USDA, and Pasa Sustainable Agriculture. He learned how climate action can be a powerful tool for community engagement and investment while working with the Centre Region Council of Governments to develop a climate action plan for State College, PA, and surrounding communities. At RegenAll he applies insights from ecosystems and organizations to help communities address climate change.

Michael Jennings is a systems thinker, designer, environmental futurist, advocate for initiating generative thinking about major technology systems that impact our environment and the built world. He is Interested in promoting rational futures that improve the sustainability of societies major systems.

Prior to supporting RegenAll, Michael worked as an industrial designer for Armstrong and operated his own architectural lighting firm building American made fixtures crafted from sustainably harvested wood. Michael has served as an advisor for RegenAll since 2019, and joined on the climate strategy team in early 2022.

Michael Jennings

Climate Strategist

Malinda Harnish Clatterbuck

Community Organizer

Malinda is a therapist, pastor, community organizer, and environmental activist in Lancaster. She has higher ed degrees in both Religion & Psychology, focusing mainly on healing and formation around childhood trauma, gender issues, religious trauma & couples therapy. From 2014-2018, Malinda led a movement working to stop a gas transmission pipeline, the Atlantic Sunrise, which now carries fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale region of PA to the eastern seaboard for export. Her work raised awareness in her Lancaster community, and formed a bipartisan group of residents still focused on preserving and protecting land for future generations.

Malinda most recently served as Associate Pastor of Young Families at Community Mennonite Church in Lancaster City and worked with the international Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Malinda has served as an advisor of RegenAll since 2019, and has increased her involvement through outreach, education, & facilitating community and business groups developing climate action plans.

Jordan is a mechanical engineer with a background in operations, manufacturing, and energy systems. He is passionate about designing the next generation of products, companies and systems that help create a healthy, regenerative, and equitable future for society and the earth. In his diverse career working in nuclear waste management. consumer products manufacturing, and supply chain he has developed a deep understanding of how to tackle large engineering challenges, build systems and processes at scale, and critically assess the externalities of business operations. Jordan is originally from Lancaster County, and is supporting RegenAll remotely while working in the Bay Area.

Jordan Landis

Operations & Tech Lead

Sophia Martin

Sophia is a 2020 graduate of Goshen College. She joined RegenAll in November 2020 and developed the first comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Lancaster County as the lead researcher and author, funded from a small grant through the National Resources Defense Council.

Prior to her time at RegenAll, Sophia served as a Buffer Rehabilitation Intern for the Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale Pennsylvania and as a Sustainability Education Research Assistant at Goshen College.