Climate Action Planning

Climate change is a daunting problem, but the good news is that there is no shortage of solutions we can implement today to start drawing down greenhouse gas emissions towards zero. We can help you identify dozens of practices, technologies, and policies that address the mix of emissions your organization contributes.  While no two climate action plans are the same, we can help you through key steps.

Stakeholder Engagement

Your climate action plan needs to be a living document, co-authored with the support of your most vital stakeholders. We can help you understand what your stakeholders want to see in a climate action plan and develop the most effective solutions and strategies for your business.

Charting Your Climate Action Plan

Equipped with a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory and guidance from your stakeholder team, we can help you choose the right mix of strategies for your business and lay out a realistic plan to put them into action. Our planning process involves:

  • Strategy Quantification: we’ll use a range of models and datasets to estimate the GHG reductions from the top strategies identified in conversation with your stakeholder team. We’ll also use industry data and peer-business examples to estimate the implementation costs and efficiency savings of strategies.
  • Financing Strategies: we can help identify government programs and other resources that can help reduce implementation costs.
  • Strategy Prioritization: we’ll help you rank and prioritize your strategies, considering factors like greenhouse gas reductions, implementation costs, implementation timelines, and stakeholder support.
  • Goals and Timelines: we’ll help you set realistic emission targets, implementation plans, and set accountability milestones.

Publishing your Plan: we’ll turn all of this analysis and engagement into an easy-to-understand document that helps you communicate your plan to your stakeholders.