Community Climate Fund

Through the Community Climate Fund (CCF), RegenAll is launching an innovative pathway for Communities to achieve carbon neutrality and slow the impacts of climate change. Individuals, businesses, and municipalities can offset their carbon emissions by contributing to the CCF. A volunteer committee oversees the distribution of the funds from the CCF.

The Community Climate Fund is an innovative approach to funding local climate projects. Currently active in our Lancaster County chapter, the Fund will help households, organizations, and businesses offset their emissions while directly investing in their community. A volunteer committee will oversee the distribution of resources from the CCF. Initial projects will support heat pump installation and energy efficiency upgrades for lower income households.

Carbon offsets are a tool that buyers – households, for-profit businesses, health care or educational institutions, and even governments – use to compensate for their carbon emissions by financing a reduction at another location. For example, carbon offset funds could be used to replace fossil-fuel heating systems with heat pumps powered by renewable electricity; support farmers in transitions to regenerative farming practices; or build solar and wind energy projects Unfortunately, on a global scale, projects funded with carbon offsets are often fraught with unethical practices and false reporting, with no reliable governing body to hold parties accountable.

RegenAll’s community-based model is an antidote to the concerns of global carbon credits. By localizing offset credits through the Community Climate Fund, RegenAll will invest funds into projects in Lancaster County, where buyers can watch the project unfold in real-time and sit face-to-face with a project manager and neighbor to verify the outcomes.

The Community Climate Fund is an innovative approach to kick-starting climate action projects at the local level. Through the CCF, RegenAll provides a tangible outlet for Lancaster to fund carbon-offset projects.

Example Projects

Rooftop Solar

We are working to identify community partners to install heat pumps and improve insulation and energy efficiency for lower income Lancastrians.

Energy Efficient Retrofit

We are working to identify community partners to install rooftop solar arrays on small businesses and lower income homes.