DROP A TON PLEDGES    >>>  Help Lancaster County drop 2,024 tons of carbon in 2024.

Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint in 2024

Commit to a more sustainable 2024 by reducing 1 ton of carbon emissions this year with simple lifestyle changes – OR – offset your emissions through our Community Climate Fund.

The average Lancaster County household emits 44.8 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. Carbon dioxide is a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. You can help reduce Lancaster County’s carbon emissions by committing to taking measurable action to reduce your personal emissions/carbon footprint by 1 metric ton!

Find an action that fits your lifestyle, or combine actions to Drop A Ton this year. Complete the form below to make your pledge, then share your commitment to a more sustainable 2024 on social media!

Drop A Ton Pledge Form

Offset 1 ton of carbon emissions through our Community Climate Fund

Make your pledge a financial commitment. You may offset 1 ton of CO2 by donating $75 to RegenAll’s Community Climate Fund (CCF), reducing one ton of emissions in Lancaster County.

The CCF was established to fund local carbon-sequestration and emission-reducing projects, such as home energy upgrades and solar energy, silvopasture, and other land-use projects in Lancaster County. The Lancaster community has grown the CCF to an excellent starting point for funding projects.

Your personal emissions offset will further this work and support neighbors in implementing important solutions to reduce Lancaster County emissions.