Tim and Frances

Fiddle Creek Dairy

“To see how a living system can just spring up with the right knowledge, planting the right things, working with natural systems there’s so much resiliency to tap into.”

Lamonte Garber

Stroud Water Research Center

“People generally want to work together and so in this time of such division I’m kind of hopeful that this work is actually going to be a way for Americans to come back together again and work on things of common interest…Sequestering carbon rapidly and for the long term is one of the most important objectives we have right now.”

Fritz Schroeder

Lancaster Conservancy

“When you start to look at the insects and the birds and the collapse we’re seeing in a number of different species I think we’re all coming to the conclusion that we need these forests and natural lands to support our ecosvstems.”

Douglas Smith

City of Lancaster, PA

“Eco Literacy is a really big problem for us… We may not understand what kinds of food, medicine and shelter is available to us in the natural environment because it’s been so degraded.”

Austin Urnh

Crow and Berry Land Management

“Regenerative Agriculture is this vision of being able to take the land and not just sustain what we’re doing right now but repairing the harm and creating something that is more vibrant, more resilient more climate friendly and more productive than it was before.”

Jess King

City of Lancaster, Chief of Staff

“For me the two biggest issues of our time are economic inequality and climate change and the irony is how they intersect both here in the United States and globally.”

Kevin Ressler

President & CEO, United Way of Lancaster

“No impact can happen without individuals becoming part of a larger group.”

Eric Sauder

Founder & Director, RegenAll

“RegenAll stands for Regenerate All but it’s also looking at this regional idea for responding to climate change. It’s rural and urban communities working together…We want to create an opportunity for people to make their households and their organizations carbon neutral.”