Reduce Energy Costs.

Everyone likes to save money. Home energy and comfort improvements reduce monthly energy costs and keep your home more comfortable year-round.

Work with a Navigator on one home energy improvement goal or a total home electrification plan. Our Navigators can evaluate your home to create a custom action plan to determine the most impactful upgrades. That’s good news for your home and your budget.


Save Time.

We get it. Most homeowners don’t have time to sift through rebates, tax credits, and financing partners for home energy upgrades, then find a contractor to complete the work.

Our knowledgeable Navigators help homeowners find the right upgrades and programs and recommend experienced local contractors. It’s like having a friend who’s been there, done that.


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint.

It’s the 21st century – home energy upgrades are the new color TV. Electrifying your home is an impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint and move the needle on climate change.

When you sign up with the Navigator program, a volunteer will contact you to understand your goals and answer your questions. If you’re ready to move forward, a Navigator will create a baseline of your home emissions and energy usage. You’ll come away with a plan that increases the efficiency and comfort of your home. Be a part of Lanc2040 Solutions!

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What is the RegenAll Navigator program? The RegenAll Navigator program is a new program to help Lancaster County residents navigate new funding and contractor resources available to support energy efficiency and electrification upgrades in their homes. The program is staffed with volunteers who can help homeowners strategize about potential upgrades increasing comfort and air quality of homes while reducing ghg emissions.

Why would I want to participate? Our goal is to help as many homeowners make changes for the comfort and health of their home. There are many sources of rebates and tax credits available to homeowners to help offset the costs of upgrades, but often the information is difficult to access and implement into practice. This program is designed to help reduce the friction to accessing funding, sourcing contractors, and weeding through options.

Who can we help? We aim to help you on your journey to home comfort, energy efficiency, and cost saving upgrades. We see three main potential groups who might benefit with from our services:

  • Urgent replacement: Oh no! Your boiler went out! We can help homeowners who need to urgently replace an appliance or heating/cooling system in their home. We can provide advice on currently available rebates and provide links to contractors who can provide those services.
  • Curious about energy efficiency & electrification upgrades: Do you know your heating system is over 12 years old and might need to replace it next year? For those who are starting to think about upgrades or have time to pursue plans – you are in our largest group of participants. We can help to identify the next right steps and strategic ordering of replacements. Additionally, we can work with you to strategize what types of rebates might best serve your plan and map out how you might be able to maximize credits over time.
  • Commitment to full-scale upgrades & retrofits: You’ve just moved into a home that needs some upgrades and want to make sure it’s as energy efficient as possible? We can offer additional support to those who are committed to full-scale upgrades, maximizing the efficiency and the reduction of ghg emissions of your home. We can meet with you to provide diagnostic advice on different types of upgrades and ordering, rebates and connections to local contractors.

What types of things can we help with?

  • Initial diagnostic conversation to help identify potential upgrade opportunities within the client’s home (i.e. heat-pumps, heat pump water heaters, insulation, and window improvements, and more).
  • Overview of available resources on funding opportunities that clients are eligible for and guidance on how to maximize the value.
  • Sample Plan for upgrade timing to maximize benefits over multiple years.
  • List of contractor who offer these services in the local area